Comfort without air conditioning

Comfort without air conditioning

That's why there is no air conditioning in our rooms...

In the developed world we are accustomed to living in houses with air conditioning. However in Uzuri , there is no air conditioning at the Villa.
Here at Uzuri Villa, we were well aware that having "rooms with air conditioning" in the hotel market would have been a simple concept to make people choose Uzuri Villa and to increase the number of our customers, we also knew how difficult it would be to convince our guests of our choice.
But we also know that air conditioning creates a real addiction that does not allow the body to adapt to the environment.
Air conditioning is generally not needed in Zanzibar, which has a remarkably comfortable climate, with temperatures ranging between 26 ° and 32 ° during the daytime and between 24° and 26° at night. The Villa’s beachfront location is refreshed by a constant breeze.

But the Villa has also been carefully designed to use local building techniques and natural materials to maximize comfort.
When we started designing the Villa we just asked ourselves a simple question: why should we confine our guests in an aseptic room with the only sound of the air conditioner? We therefore decided to build the Villa so it does not require air conditioning.

Its walls are made of coral stone, mixed with sand and lime, following ancient local techniques, which provide excellent thermal insulation, as well as a pleasant appearance.

The windows, small as in the historic mansions of Stone Town, provide good ventilation and screening from sunlight. They are located to facilitate the incoming and outgoing flow of natural air in the two different monsoon seasons.

The rooms are almost always dimly lit. The light coming from the windows reflects only on small portions of the floor, to minimize undesired floor heating.

In the beachfront suites, in front of the king sized beds, there are doors with mosquito nets to allow the wind to cool the room at day and night.

The floors are made from tropical woods.

Ceiling fans, which can be remotely controlled easily from the bed, are sufficient to dispel humidity and keep you feeling dry.

Where possible the rooms have air chimneys, which favour the ventilation from the bottom up, by dispersing the heat.

The ceilings of the rooms have been covered and shaded by wooden structures covered by large panels of palm leaves, following an ancient technique of the inhabitants of the island, for natural and environment-friendly shading and insulation.

Finally, having only 6 rooms in a quiet, secluded and protected environment enables us to ensure the highest attention to safety. You may safely leave shutters semi-closed during your entire stay.

Instead of the air conditioner’s buzz, you’ll appreciate only the silence of surrounding nature. No pollution and no traffic noises - just the sound of the backwash of the sea at high tide, the roar on the reef in the distance at low tide, and the birds chirping... You won’t need air conditioning, and won’t miss it.